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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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to blame for knocking the containers off the ship. tom vacar joins us from the beach with a live report. >> i want you to take a look over here. this is some of the work they're doing to haul this stuff away. the situation here is well in hand at baker beach but there are at least 10 other containers posing a real danger to ships entering and leaving local ocean waters. >> reporter: friday just before 11:00 the coast guard got a call that matsen seattle bound container ship had lost containers overboard just beyond the golden gate. >> the vessel lost what has been reported as 12 containers. >> reporter: two containers are reportedly refrigeration units. the latch down to each other, the weather was so bad and the sea so rough, some connections failed. >> the weather conditions on scene at the time were pretty rough. we had 29-mile-per-hour winds and 19-foot seas so even
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for a large ship it was pretty rough out there. >> reporter: one container washed up on baker beach, eventually breaking up in the surf spewing pallets and other packing materials. matsen hired an experienced salvage company to clean up that mess. >> we initially started yesterday afternoon and at this point we're pretty much wrapped up. >> reporter: all that's left are a few plastic ic trays, a few trays, a few pieces of metal and broken up styrofoam. the fate of the other 11 containers is still unknown. it's matsen's responsibility to not only account for them but to recover them if at all possible. >> we have received reports of containers down in the pacifica area. >> in fact the coast guard told us they confirmed that and we have pictures from sky fox that show exactly that. a lot of debris on the beach. the coast guard has issued a safety
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advisory to mariners to alert conditions that could cause grievous damage if those containers are floating on or just below the surface. that is and remains a real danger. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> in rough water like that is there anything differently the container ship could have done to secure the cargo or containers from falling overboard? >> the answer to that is probably not. this happened off the golden gate and water can get extremely rough there. at that time it was reported 19 to 20-foot seas. 29-mile-per-hour winds. those are very, very high. if you get in to a situation where you turn the ship so that it's kind of taking the bankrupt of the waves so that on the other side the smaller pilot boat can disembark the captain that brought it out of the harbor, there is that possibility. apparently the connecters which are called pineapples actually did not hold. that happens once in a while. you certainly hear about it in hurricanes but it is a situation that's fairly rare. most of the containers that are
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lost are generally lost at the port as they're loaded or unloaded. this is very unusual but that is the situation. they're still out there somewhere. >> tom vacar live for us tonight. thank you. police are looking for a man who they say tried to kidnap a teenage girl over the weekend. the girl was walking along nielson street near sonoma avenue 11:00 saturday afternoon when a man in a parked pickup got out and tried to get the girl in to the truck. police say she put up a fight and made a lot of noise so neighbors heard her struggling and called police. police have put out this description of the suspect. they say he was driving a white truck that was in good condition with items in the truck bed. he's described as latino in his early 40s, dark hair, and a short stubble beard. they also say a second person was in the truck at the time. many people who live in affordable housing say the city is trying to push them out so today residents from the
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midtown housing complex explain what they want the city to do. >> reporter: tenants from the midtown park apartments say they want rent control. >> black homes matter. >> reporter: they say their property manager mercy housing hired by the city has been trying to force them out for two years. >> they wept up on my rent $450 -- went up on my rent for $450 and i can't afford that. they just want us out. that's the bottom line. >> there's been no evictions, no plan for evictions. >> reporter: mercy president doug schumacher says his group was hired to implement an affordable rent program, 30% of household income. >> 28 people have had their rent lowered since the city and the mayor's office implemented the rent modification plan. >> reporter: he says a vocal few who made better salaries weren't happy with the plan.
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>> you're giving them ridiculous rent hikes. >> reporter: tenants lashed out today saying it should not fall under the rent program. >> when the city came in and rescued the property, once the property was paid off, the people who lived there would have a chance to purchase and that deal is being reneged upon. >> the deal wasn't financially viable, even though the mortgage is paid off, officials estimate it would take $40 million in order to fix midtown today because so many of the residents are extremely low income. >> they all ceased to function as they needed to. >> reporter: midtown residents say a promise is a promise and they have the deed of trust from the city to prove it. they say the city wants to banish long time african american tenants and that mercy has mismanaged midtown. >> i understand there are people who feel like the goal
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should be to own the property and have resident ownership and we're totally open to continue to talk about that. >> reporter: tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. samsung filed an appeal with the u.s. supreme court today in hopes of overturning a multimillion-dollar judgment against the company involving its patent dispute with apple. samsung was ord ered to pay $399 million for illegally copying aspects of the apple iphone. the company says the jury focused too broadly on the overall appearance of the phone rather than individual aspects that apple had patented. the supreme court could decide early next year whether to hear the case. animal rights activists call it a step in the right direction. coming up at 5:30, the new crime the fbi will start tracking at the beginning of the new year. >> it was a taliban prisoner for years. now bowe bergdahl is facing more time locked behind bars. the decision today that could have the u.s. soldier spend the rest of his life in
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prison. >> i don't really suspect that this thing will go in one swoop. it will keep falling off piece after piece after piece. >> it's an area known for land slides and it appears to be sliding again. the city that says there's nothing it can do to stop it. >> a cold dry pattern will remain in place for the first part of the week. that means another cold start for tomorrow morning.
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the leaders of almost 2 hchb countries are being invited
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to sign the climate agreement reached in paris over the weekend. ban ki-moon said he wants the leaders involved in the first ever universal climate change pact to gather in new york april 22nd. that's earth day and the first day the agreement opens for signing. ban also said the u.n. is organizing an action summit in may for governments and businesses to discuss ways to implement this historic climate accord. the state of one of the baltimore police officers accused in the death of freddie gray is now in the hands of a jury. the seven women and five men began deliberating this afternoon. officer porter is the first of six officers facing charges of involuntary manslaughter. 25-year-old freddie gray suffered a spinal cord last april while in police custody. he died a week later. it's unclear what caused the injury but police are accused of failing to secure gray with a seatbelt and failing to call for medical assistance. with several recent high profile cases of police officers
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shooting suspects, here's a story of a man who was taken down by police who didn't have to fire a single shot. john sasaki joins us. >> this tool wasn't a taser or a gun that shoots bean bag rounds. this tool is a full fledged officer himself and doubles as man's best friend. >> reporter: this 60-pound belgian malanoise is ronan. he's been with the police department for five years and his talent and training paid off over the weekend when he was an officer who subdued a man on the run. >> we run toward the violence. we go in to dangerous situations knowing we may get hurt. >> reporter: the 20-year-old man from fairfield was pulled over by chp and proceeded to turn around on the freeway and run his car at the chp officer. there was no collision and a chp
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plane followed the man to richmond parkway where officers picked up chase. the man crashed in to the light pole at gertrude and start today run away on foot. >> on saturday evening about 5:30 the officer pulled up next to the individual who's running away from officers and warned him a dog will be unleashed. the guy kept running so this dog came after him like this. that's a good bite. >> reporter: as you can imagine that got the man to surrender quickly. >> it's another successful deployment. we diffused a very volatile situation. >> reporter: lieutenant felix tan has experienced the bite sleeve as well. >> it doesn't feel good. it's actually pretty stressful when the k-9 is coming right at you and you know you're going to get bit. >> reporter: since this chase came to a quick resolution it begs the question, with all the recent reports of police shooting unarmed people, could a
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dog like ronin help diffuse the situation? >> a dog is another tool officers can use. it's not the end all but it's obviously one we like to use if and when we have it. >> this is the man who ronin caught, 20-year-old clayton. he's facing numerous counts including being a felon in possession of a gun and assault with a deadly weapon. >> julie just said you're pretty brave getting attacked by that police dog. what was that like? >> those things bite down hard and they kind of jerk you around a little bit. my arm is still just a little bit sore. >> and you had all that padding too. john sasaki, thank you very much. in daly city the wet weather is causing a dangerous situation. take a look. the earth is shifting and sliding near a church on northridge drive just off skyline boulevard. ktvu's rob roth joins us live where city officials say there's nothing they can do to stop the land from moving. >> we're at the back of a
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church parking lot off northridge drive. you can see the concerns about erosion and land slides especially during the rainy season. >> reporter: nature seems to slowly rip the heart out of these cliffs along northridge and avalon drives where therosion meets land. land slides are why this resident isn't looking forward to the rain. >> with the el nino coming it sounds like we're going to get a lot of rain so i am concerned it can undermine and cause slides. >> reporter: city officials say the most recent slide happened more than a week ago even before the weekend rain, perhaps carry over from previously wet weather. >> i don't really suspect this will go in one swoop. it will keep falling off piece after piece after piece. >> reporter: these have seen massive land slides in 2003 and 2007, an area along northridge has been fenced off. in 2000, 17 homes were declared unsafe
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along the west line drive but that was because of a completely different slide. >> when it rains hard the sandy soil gets heavy and pretty soon the weight of a soil mass overcomes the friction and holds it on the side of the slide face and falls in to the ocean. >> reporter: and a long time resident says concerns over el nino may eventually force him to move away. >> this could be a trend toward the future with global warning. it's not going to get better. >> there's nothing you can do to stop this. it's way too massive. you could spend $100 million and not make a dent in it. >> the city emphasizes that no homes or any other structures are in any danger from these land slides. >> did you say some people have to move or can people stay where they are? if they do have to move, how long before they have to get out? >> no, no one has to move. in fact the gentleman we talked to is concerned and said thinking about it, he might move.
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the city says geologists have studied this and said where all the homes and structures are not in any danger. >> the pictures from sky fox showing the aerials there, looks ominous. yesterday's storm knocked over a large tree in hayward crushing a parked van. alameda county fire crews were called out to west sunset boulevard around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. this is what they found. a huge tree on top of a parked van. the tree which stood in front of the home was totally uprooted. luckily the van was empty and nobody was hurt. take a look at these pictures of the high tide in pacifica. you can see the waves crashing over the pier and on to cars. the national weather service issues a high surf advisory for several areas along the coast. santa cruz saw waves reach about 30 feet. >> those pictures are beautiful. after so much rain
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and dark skies yesterday quite a change today. it was beautiful. it was clear . let's go to rosemary orozco in the weather center for a look at what's to come. >> we're going to be dry the next few days with more rain through the forecast. next saturday and sunday could be wet. more rain and snow on the way. we cleared out today and our temperatures cooled off as well. we had temperatures in the 30s earlier this morning and we are looking at temperatures doing a repeat for tomorrow. giving you a look at what's happening outside our doors, actually want to head to the sierra for just a moment. sunday's storm brought in up to 24 inches of new snow in some areas. an update on the snow pack this afternoon where we're anywhere from 80 to 85% of normal in the sierra. definitely better than what we had for last year. we'll continue to track this for you. more rain and snow expected through the second part of the week. as we get in to the next few days we're going to remain dry, cool. we do have patchy
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fog and patchy frost expected tomorrow morning. ridge of high pressure will slowly strengthen and as it does the winds will begin to die down. a little breezy earlier today. for tomorrow, shouldn't be as breezy. without the winds, temperatures can be just as cold tomorrow morning. maybe even colder. temperatures right now, 55 degrees in san francisco. 55 in oakland. low 50s, walnut creek. 54 in livermore. san jose at 54. to the north bay, temperatures very similar. low 50s in napa. 52 in santa rosa. these numbers aren't going to change a whole lot tuesday in to wednesday but the winds will be tapering off. right now we have a sustained wind, anywhere from 5 to 10 to 15 miles per hour. santa rosa reporting 14. fair field, 10. in the overnight hours the wind will relax. tomorrow morning a little bit breezy but not as brisk as it was this morning. temperatures will be chilly once again. below freezing to start the day at 29 degrees. 31 for novato.
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mid 30s san rafael. along the east bay shoreline, low 40s in the forecast. low 30s for the inland areas. danville will go to 33 in the morning. you're looking at quite chilly temperatures in morgan hill as well. 30 degrees expected for you. mid 30s for san jose. the morning lows in areas around men--areas around menlo park. afternoon highs again a lot like today. we'll have mid to upper 50s in the forecast. 56 degrees expected in san francisco. the extended forecast, dry tomorrow. dry on wednesday. increasing clouds for the second part of the week. as we get in to your bay area weekend, tracking the possibility of more rain and sierra snow. it seems like everybody is talking about it, the warriors started the season with an unprecedented winning streak but they were bound to lose eventually at some time. >> the team is back home tonight and still has the best record in the nba. now they can start the new winning streak all
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over again. ktvu's mark ibanez is here with the incredible run. >> it was one of those things, i for one taking away my sportscaster hat, as a fan of basketball in general just amazed at what they were doing. i think i was driving my family crazy because i was so wound up pacing back and forth, the double overtime win against the celtics on friday. clearly they were just out of gas come saturday evening in milwaukee. they didn't get to their hotels till 3:30 in the morning. coach kerr on hand for the practice today. they had to bring in the big guns to try to settle them down and harrison barnes who's been out throughout the entire road trip with a sprained ankle. he could play by the week after next. if you take a look at milwaukee on saturday night, the warriors just kind of sluggish. didn't shoot well at all. all in all, the team not happy that the win streak came to an end but now they can get back to the business of playing basketball
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one game at a time. >> it was never like a burden for us to keep the streak going because every game was fun and a new challenge but being 24-1 is a little different than undefeated so you don't have to answer questions about it. you don't have to kind of -- no more creative shirts in the stands. >> we were sloppy a lot of times. we had some high turnover games but we all know how to win. but there was a few games necessary to get better. >> i was mentally tired and i wasn't playing. i can only imagine what the guys were playing all those minutes every night were feeling. >> that's coach walton, interim coach. interesting to see steve kerr there today. everybody including the warriors themselves hoping he gets back to action. all in all the team glad to be home. >> a seven-game road trip, that's the longest they'll have all season out on the road. it's good they got that behind
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them. >> they were trying to do something in that long road trip that no team of the history of the nba, no team had ever won seven games out on the road consecutively so they had a lot of things on their mind going in there and jason kidd, the local product who coaches milwaukee, he whispered to one of the warrior players after that game, take it easy on us next friday night because they'll be out here. we'll see what happens when the warriors are a little more rested. >> different circumstances. besides the war riors, the giants made a big deal today. >> i don't think giant fans can complain that the organization is cheap by any means anymore. they're the first team ever to spend $90 million plus on two pitchers in the offseason. the addition today, johnny cueto, six years, $130 million. he pitched for the world champion kansas city royals in to the postseason last year. cueto does have an option. he can opt out after two years of this deal. he's 29 years old.
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a proven winner in the clutch and he'll now join jeff samardzija, madison bumgarner, matt cain and jake peavey in the giants' starting rotation. formidable to say the least. the giants, if they aren't one of the favorites in the entire national league to get back to the world series, certainly in to the postseason. i don't know what would be better for the odds maker. 2016 will be an even year. that's when they win it. >> it's their year. >> don't stop believing. >> johnny cueto, latest to join the giants. he walked away from his post in afghanistan and he was captured by the taliban. the decision made today that could put bowe bergdahl behind bars for life. >> tonight new at 6:00, fire officials warning of holiday dangers. see what can go wrong and how you can protect yourself. >> drivers take uber head on and get a big victory. see which city is now allowing uber drivers to unionize.
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it appears more americans are worried about terrorism and an associated press poll find 70% of americans say the risk of a terrorist attack on u.s. soil is at least somewhat high, up 50% in january. in an effort to ease concerns, the president is talking about his strategy in battling isis. >> reporter: president obama traveled to the pentagon for a rare meeting outside the white house, flanked by vice president
5:27 pm
joe biden and defense secretary ash carter the president meets with his national security team on his strategy against isis. president obama then offered another update on the u.s.-led coalition progress fighting the terror organization. >> we are hitting isil harder than ever. coalition aircraft, our fighters bombers and drones have been increasing the pace of their strikes, nearly 9,000 as of today. last month in november we dropped more bombs on isil targets than any other month since this campaign started. >> reporter: his remarks follow an oval office address on december 6th after the deadly terror attack in san bernardino, california. republicans criticized that speech for failing to offer an updated strategy to defeat the group. >> he's got to do this politically. the american people are rattled. it's what they think is happening at home. >> reporter: on thursday president obama will travel to the national counterterrorism center in virginia. security officials will brief him on threat assessments. the president is also sending secretary carter to the middle east to speak with coalition
5:28 pm
partners. meanwhile in moscow, secretary of state john kerry is meeting with russian president vladimir putin discussing a possible political transition in syria. the army sergeant who was held captive by the taliban for five years after walking away from his post in afghanistan will face a court-martial. earlier this year the military equivalent of a grand jury recommended bowe bergdahl be tried in a special court-martial with a maximum punishment with a year behind bars but the decision set today that bergdahl will face a court-martial with a possible life sentence. bergdahl claims he abandoned his post to pay attention to leadership problems. the clock is ticking on getting those holiday packages in the mail to their destination. the dates you need to know before the shipping costs start to spike. >> one of the biggest names in music announced three big concerts in the bay area. where adele is scheduled to perform.
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>> animal rights activists call it a step in the right direction. the new crime the fbi will start tracking at the beginning of the new year.
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animal cruelty cases are going to get their own category in an fbi database so law enforcement can finally track them. henry lee is live in the news room to explain how this
5:32 pm
will work. >> the fbi works with the national sheriffs association and the animal welfare institute to add animal abuse to the list of crimes that the federal agency tracks because authorities have long said that animal cruelty can be an early indicator of violent crime against people. >> reporter: animal abuse quite often happens behind closed doors. beginning next month the fbi is adding animal abuse to one of its national crime databases so that this crime won't be in the shadows. >> having a database on a criminal act, i have no fault with. >> reporter: before, these kinds of cases would be lumped under other crimes and they weren't easily trackable. short of high profile cases in the news. >> oh, yeah, big guy. >> reporter: an imal rights advocates say this is a step in the right direction even if california currently isn't part of the database. >> definitely a step in the right drexz. somehow have to keep track of these violent
5:33 pm
sadistic people. >> reporter: under the new system, animal abuse would be reported under four categories, simple or gross neglect, intentional abuse and torture, organized abuse, and animal sexual abuse. former profiler candace delong says the new data can help researchers track trends. >> yes, it's a good idea, but it's not only helpful for criminologists, profileers, that kind of thing, it's also because of the other categories, the cockfighting and all the different kinds of animal abuse. i think it would -- it's a good thing that we're going to have that information. >> reporter: delong says the database could be useful to profilers because some studies have shown that some have abused animals growing up. >> if a parent knows about it or a neighbor knows about it,
5:34 pm
especially a parent, they're not going to call the police. they'll just tell little johnny don't do that again. >> reporter: dog owners at a concord dog park said they apart the database. >> anybody who can attract people who are abusing so you know what area it is. anything to bring education against it. >> we have to make clear this does not mean animal cruelty is now a federal crime or that animal abusers will necessarily face stiffer sentences. this is the change in the way the crimes are monitored statistically. >> what will they do with this information if they're monitoring all of this and it's not a federal crime to abuse animals? how does this work? >> they'll be able to look at resources and see if there's a geographical increase per se, that means they have to divert resources to a specific location. they get to look at and see where the enforcement is needed more. >> i tweeted about this and my twitter feed blew up so i know there's a lot of people who support this idea. authorities in gilroy say a woman walking her granddaughter
5:35 pm
to school today was hit by a car and killed. it happened just after 8:00 this morning near tatum and ren avenues in gilroy. that woman died at the scene. the 7-year-old girl was not hurt. we checked with the chp in the past hour and no word on her identity or what happened to the driver. apple shares slid today after morgan stanley cut its outlook for apple shares. share price dipped below $110 for the first time since october but recovered some and closed at $112 and change. apple has lost more than $100 billion in value from its high last april. analysts say the apple watch and apple pay have failed to spark new interest in the stock. oil prices broke a six-day losing streak and closed up 69 cents at $36.31 a barrel. that's despite speculations that the climate deal in paris could reduce long-term demand for oil. consumers are reaping the benefit. according to aaa the national average cost for a
5:36 pm
gallon of gasoline fell to $2.01. wall street staged late rally to close higher. the dow gained more than 100 points. nasdaq was up 18 and the s&p added 9 points. the fed's long awaited interest rate hike is expected on wednesday. if you haven't put your christmas packages in the mail yet, you're going to want to hurry. today is expected to be the busiest shipping day of the year. janine de la vega has the deadlines you'll need to know to make sure your holiday gifts get to your loved ones on time. >> reporter: the main post office here in san jose opened up at 8:30 and there was already a line of people waiting to get in and it's going to be that way all day. during lunchtime and in the afternoon that's when the lines get really long. here are some important dates. tomorrow the 15th is the last day you can drop your package off at the post office and have it shipped standard so it will get there by christmas eve. if you miss that tomorrow, the deadline for first class mail is the 19th. for priority mail it's the 21st and
5:37 pm
for priority mail express it's the 23rd. >> if they use us, they go on, use the click and ship, they can do all their labeling and everything right online. they can actually schedule a pickup, carrier pickup and we'll come to you and pick up your packages and bring them in. they can save a lot of time and not have to come to the post office at all. >> reporter: ats an option to consider. the distribution center is handling nearly 7 million pieces of mail today. that's a million more than a typical day. at the oakland facility they're handling 2 million more. it does put a strain on the system but postal officials say it shouldn't affect on-time deliveries. many people will be using fedex and ups. the deadlines for standard ground service are also this week if you want it to arrive in time for the holiday. if you procrastinate you can send it the week after but it is going to cost you more. reporting from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu fox 2 news. adele fans take note. the grammy award
5:38 pm
winning singer-songwriter is coming to the bay area next summer. >> ♪ hello from the other side ♪ >> you like adele, don't you, julie? >> i love her voice. >> a dele has announced the date for her north american tour which includes three concerts here. in oakland at oracle arena on august 2nd. it will be adele's first major tour in five years. the tickets, get ready to spend. they goal on sale thursday. >> love her music and her makeup. her eyes and her lips. beautiful. the golden state warriors went to practice today then put in some extra work. why the players were packing thousands of lunches and where all that food is going. >> she has nice hair too. plus it's the news baseball's hit king didn't want to hear. the decision today that will likely keep pete rose out of the hall
5:39 pm
of fame. it's also a story about canals and the arficial heart, doers. electric guitars and rockets to the moon. in other words, this is the story of america- land of the doers. doin' it. did it. done. hard-working doers and smart-working doers. olds changed the way we put things together. and keepin'em together? that was walr's doin'. doers built this country. they built the dams and the railroads. ♪john henry was a steel drivin' man♪
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hmm, catchy. they built the golden gates anthe empire states. doers turnothing into something. and something into something else. doin' got this nation done... along with the hula hoop, blue jeans and that little thing we call the interstate highway system. and all this doin'? it takes energy, no matter who's doin'. there's all kinds of doin' up in here. or what they're doin'. what the heck's he doin'? energy got us here. and it's our job to make sure there's enough energy to keep doers doin' the stuff doers do. to keep us all doin' what we do.
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there's been a change in the polls in iowa as the presidential candidates get ready for their final debate of the year. what to look for when the gop contenders take to the stage tomorrow night. >> reporter: nine republican presidential hopefuls face off tuesday in las vegas for the last gop debate of 2015, taking
5:42 pm
center stage, frontrunner donald trump. but the spotlight will be on texas senator ted cruz, surging in iowa polls seven weeks before the state's first in the nation caucuses. a recent des moines register bloomberg politics poll shows cruz opening up a 10-point lead over trump in iowa, motivating the billionaire businessman to launch his first public attacks against the texan defender, questioning cruz' temperament. cruz responded with humor, tweeting a link to the youtube video of the song "maniac." with the detaunt apparently over, bogue sides could be looking to deliver a knockout blow. standing next to trump, ben carson, who has plummeted in the polls as of late and needs a strong showing tuesday to stay in the game.
5:43 pm
new jersey governor chris christie returns to the main stage. kentucky senator rand paul who debate host cnn says was on the bubble of qualifying days ago gets to stay in the primetime match-up. >> and the iowa caucus is scheduled for february 1st and the first primary is february 9th in new hampshire. the force awakens later this week but tonight some lucky star wars fans will get to see the most anticipated movie of the year before it's released to everyone else. >> it's true. all of it. >> that looks pretty awesome. three theatres in hollywood are rolling out the red carpets tonight. a half mile of hollywood boulevard is closed to traffic. people started lining up since last week. the film opens in theaters on friday across the country. disney paid $4 billion to lucas film and it
5:44 pm
looks like that was money well spent. analysts predict disney's cut of the merchandise could be more than $9 billion. >> pretty excited about that movie starting. coming soon. someone out there could be in the next class of astronauts. the requirements from nasa as it opens up its application process. >> the warriors show there's more than just basketball, the special help the players and season ticket holders provided today. >> subtle changes in the forecast for your tuesday. that means it's going to be another chilly start. i'll have a look at your temperatures and in the extended forecast, next chance for rain coming up.
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the warriors took a timeout off the court to help those in need this holiday. the team and season ticket holders are putting together thousands of brown bag lunches right now for the #brownbaginitiative. noelle walker was there. >> reporter: there's nothing plain about this brown paper bag. that's not because of what's for lunch but who's helping decorate the lunch bag. >> i'm a terrible artist but i did my best snowman rendition here. >> reporter: that's the mvp warriors star. >> steph curry. >> reporter: and some lucky person will eat lunch out of curry's brown bag artwork, a snow man palming a basketball of course. >> i know they get the understanding of how blessed we are and the impact you can have
5:48 pm
so it's pretty special. >> reporter: curry and his teammates volunteered for the unchbaginitiative. maurice spates was so in to it he googled holiday decorations to draw. with the help of coach luke walton and lots of season ticket holders, they're hoping to stuff 20,000 lunch bags today. >> this will get people motivated to donate during the holiday season and we really need their help. >> reporter: each bag gets a personalized note. >> god bless you. >> reporter: it's a little like santa's workshop with really tall elves. >> they see us a lot on tv but it's good for us to be able to show them that we're regular guys and we just used to be like them when we were young. >> reporter: they say many hands make quick work. warriors season ticket holders helped in this labor of love and holiday giving. >> i hope they get a smile on their face and know that people actually care about them. >> reporter: the day has all
5:49 pm
the excitement of a warriors game but there's no shot clock, no score, and everyone wins. noelle walker, ktvu fox 2 news. major league baseball has once again rejected a bid by pete rose to be reinstated to the league. rose face as lifetime ban for betting on games when he managed the cincinnati reds. mlb commissioner rob manfred denied his request to lift it. he said there was evidence rose bet on games when he was playing for the reds. rose has more hits than anyone else in sports history and the decision means he'll continue to be kept out of the hall of fame. looking for a change in careers? national weather servicea is accepting applications for its next class of astronauts. nasa opened its astronaut application today and you can apply through february 18th. contendvers to be u.s. citizens with a bachelor's degree in science, math, or engineering. this class of astronauts will have four space
5:50 pm
crafts, the international space station, two capsules to get to the space station, and nasa's orion space craft for an eventual trip to mars. there will be intense competition. more than 6,000 applied for the last class in 2013 and only eight were picked. let's check the weather. clear day tomorrow today -- clear day today after so much rain yesterday. let's go to rosemary orozco. >> we had a pretty good storm rolled through, picked up an inch of rain in some areas over portions of the urban locations and our hills, more than that. we had a good run sunday with more sierra snow in the forecast. for next weekend as well as rain in our neighborhood. but we are going to be dry for the first few days of your business week. 52 degrees in santa rosa. oakland, mid 50s outside your door, livermore, 54, and san jose 54 as well. you can see already quite dark out there. a little breezy this afternoon. it was a breezy start to the day and
5:51 pm
those winds will continue to die down as we move through the next couple of days. that system that brought us the rain and snow has pushed off to the east. we're looking at dry cool conditions. patchy frost and fog in the morning hours. tomorrow is going to be a lot like today. the winds are going to begin to taper off. we're looking at mostly clear skies to partly cloudy for the afternoon and temperatures in the 50s. i want to push you ahead talking about the next chance for rain as well as snow in to wednesday. and the rain line begins to shift a little bit closer to the bay area or california. we are going to remain dry through wednesday, thursday. by friday we do begin to see an increase in clouds. take a look at what's going on thursday morning. northwest california seeing sprinkles. by friday a better line begins to develop. we remain dry. we remain partly cloudy. a little bit of drizzle but the better chance of rain comes in saturday morning and it looks like at least right now
5:52 pm
the extended futurecast model showing the possibility of a second system rolling in on sunday. so between now and then we will be mainly dry. we'll have a cool pattern in place. tomorrow morning we start the day with temperatures freezing in areas like santa rosa. 32 degrees expected for you. mid 30s in napa. 37 in fremont. in to san francisco , 46 along the peninsula. 36, redwood city and in to the south bay, 35 expected for you, san jose. temperatures continue to drop. 57 degrees in the afternoon for vallejo. mostly clear. partly cloudy skies. 56 expected in san francisco. the inner east bay, mid to upper 50s for you. looking at 55 in to the south bay of san jose and 56 degrees for santa cruz. the extended forecast, dry through wednesday. begin to see a little bit of a shift thursday but it looks like we are going to remain mainly dry all the way in to friday night in to saturday when that first chance of rain arrives then on sunday, could see another round and good news for the sierra as well.
5:53 pm
>> busy weekend up there for skiers i bet. >> yes. could be a little treacherous getting up over the west slope. >> bring the chains. >> and a lot of extra time. because it can be dangerous and busy. a bay area congressman hosts an event to try to prevent gun violence. coming up next, a different call to arms has sales of guns spike in california. >> in minutes, new at 6:00, drones and other unmanned aircraft are some of the hottest gifts this holiday season but now the faa is making sure they're used safely. >> a lot of things to know before you actually put one of these batteries in one of these and fire them up. >> what you need to know about newly required drone registration.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
supporters of stricter gun laws met at the capitol to discuss nationwide. the event was held by mike thompson. >> reporter: at just guns in sacramento, today is one of the busiest days ever. >> if you want to have a gun by christmas, have it by the 25th, today is the day to do it. >> reporter: it's spurring a call to arms just before christmas. but the shooting rampage that killed 14 people in san bernardino this month has also triggered new gun sales. >> i have loyalty of first time
5:57 pm
gun buyers coming in and the feel of it is they want to be able to protect themselves and they know that the government can't do it. >> reporter: today at the state capitol congressman mike thompson hosted a gun violence prevention conference. >> the second amendment and gun violence prevention are not in conflict. >> reporter: today's hearing comes exactly three years to the day after a mass shooting at sandy hook school in connecticut killed 26 people, most of them children. >> our only daughter. >> reporter: and today at california's capitol the heartfelt message of a mother who lost a daughter to gun violence. >> shot her four times at point blank range. >> reporter: amanda wilcox's daughter laura was just 19 when she was killed by a mentally ill gunman in 2001. >> what i know from my experiences it can happen to anybody and it does. so we all need to work together. we need to come together to stop this. >> reporter: congressman thompson wants to ban guns for are anyone on the fbi's terror list and some want to go farther.
5:58 pm
>> unless you're actually in law enforcement you should not be able to carry a weapon concealed. >> reporter: some gun owners are calling for just the opposite. >> everyone who's a responsible law-abiding citizen is openly armed at all times in theaters, churches, restaurants. >> congressman thompson was asked if he thinks his bill has a good chance of passing. he's seen similar bills fail in committees. he says he has 180 cosponsors from both parties and thinks this time will be different. a bay area company partnering with the vta to bring electric bicycles to the silicon valley. they're testing out a pilot program with swiftmile. bike sharing programs already exist in the bay area but these bikes are electric and are powered by solar energy. swiftmile's ceo says electric bikes are a great alternative for commuters who don't want to get sweaty while pedaling to work. >> 50% of all auto trips during commuting aisles are less than 3
5:59 pm
miles. 30% are less thap one -- less than one mile. what if we had a solution emission-free to get more people out of their cars? >> the main goal is to reduce traffic congestion. it's still in the testing phase but could be available to riders within the south bay in the next year. a typical 30-minute ride would cost about $5. drones are expected to be a hot 50 this holiday season but starting next week the faa will require users to register their drones. good evening. i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. >> i'm julie haener. the faa made it official today announcing the registration process for drone owners. tonight new at 6:00, maureen naylor tells us why some owners are skeptical of the whole process. >>
6:00 pm
the faa expects hundreds of thousands of drones to be sold this holiday season and is taking steps to know who owns each one. chris is the director of santa clara university's robotic systems lab. >> i think it's very easy to take a look at some of these devices and think they're nothing but a toy. they may be a toy but they could be a dangerous toy. the registration is the first step of the faa saying we need to be cognizant of this. >> reporter: under the new federal law users must register online starting december 21st for devices weighing between half a pound and 55 pounds. the cost is $5. newly purchased drones must be registered before flying outdoors while existing drone owners have until february 19th to register their device. >> i just bought it at the beginning of this year. >> reporter: this drone owner says the registration is a waste of time, money, and information gathering. >> i just think it's going to be hard to enforce. i don't think the agency will have


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